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Verdict Vapors

Brand: Verdict Vapors Model: The Mints Salt E-Juice 30mL
The newest line from Verdict Vapors has arrived at THE KING OF VAPE. Each selection is a refreshing mint flavor in a bottle, delivering a refreshing icy vapor experience from your favorite salt-nic device. Enjoy using in your SMOK Novo 2 device today! Each flavor is available in 30mg or 50mg strengt..
Brand: Verdict Vapors Model: Mega by Verdict Vapors 120mL Freebase Bottles
Bursting with flavors from Verdict Vapors comes their fruity MEGA line and their tasty VRDCT line. From sour tastiness to delicious creaminess, Verdict Vapors and THE KING OF VAPE has you covered. Stock up now! MEGA FlavorsApple Crumb - Sweet savory green apples baked into a brown cinnamon suga..
Brand: Verdict Vapors Model: Mega Salt E-juice 30mL Salt Nic
THE KING OF VAPE brings the Premium E-Liquid Mega and VRDCT Salt Line from Verdict Vapors! NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SUB-OHM VAPING DEVICES! Flavors:Apple Crumb: A crumbly, savory crust that has been filled to the brim with soft, sweet apples and covered with a sprinkling of spicy cinnamon ..
Brand: Verdict Vapors Model: Verdict Vapors - MINTS
Now available at THE KING OF VAPE.COM is the MINTS Freebase collection from Verdict Vapors! Prepare your tanks for a burst of cool minty-ness today at THE KING OF VAPE!FLAVORSPeppermintSpearmintWintergreen..
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