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MEGA / VRDCT Salt | 30ml Salt Nic Bottles

MEGA / VRDCT Salt | 30ml Salt Nic Bottles
MEGA / VRDCT Salt | 30ml Salt Nic Bottles

THE KING OF VAPE brings the Premium E-Liquid Mega and VRDCT Salt Line from Verdict Vapors!





  • Apple Crumb: A crumbly, savory crust that has been filled to the brim with soft, sweet apples and covered with a sprinkling of spicy cinnamon and brown sugar.
  • Blueberry Crumb: A moist, decadent cake base that is packed with freshly picked, supple blueberries that just burst as you put them into your mouth and then tops the whole thing off with a savory pastry crumb topping and a hint of brown sugar.
  • Mango Rush: Combines fresh off of the tree, succulent, juicy mango with sweet white peaches for a mashup that is refreshment at its finest.
  • Mango Rush Ice: Same delicious MANGO RUSH flavor chilled out with some cool menthol.
  • Patrol Coffee Donuts: A deep, rich, earthy coffee that has been set off by the flavor of a freshly fried, still warm, buttery donut. 
  • VRDCT Strawberry Cream: Loads of cut up, ripe strawberries that are covered in graham cracker crumbs, silky cream and some marshmallows.
  • VRDCT Lemon Tart: A buttery, flaky crust that is filled with one of the silkiest, well balanced, slightly tart lemon curd filling that is fresh, zesty and just what you needed.
  • Watermelon Rush: Takes one of the biggest, sweetest, most perfectly ripened watermelons and kicks it up a notch with an amplified boldness and overall flavor that is going to make you flip your lid!
  • Watermelon Rush ICE: A ripe, sweet, juicy watermelon flavor that is already so over the top refreshing and gives it a blast of menthol.
Strength (mg)30mg / 50mg
Milliliter (mL)30mL
VG / PG (%)50 / 50

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Mega Salt Flavors - 30mLPrice
Apple Crumb - 30mg (SKU: MS-AC30 )$19.99
Apple Crumb - 50mg (SKU: MS-AC50 )$19.99
Blueberry Crumb - 30mg (SKU: MS-BC30 )$19.99
Blueberry Crumb - 50mg (SKU: MS-BC50 )$19.99
Mango Rush - 30mg (SKU: MS-MR30 )$19.99
Mango Rush - 50mg (SKU: MS-MR50 )$19.99
Patrol Coffee Donuts - 30mg (SKU: MS-PCD30 )$19.99
Patrol Coffee Donuts - 50mg (SKU: MS-PCD50 )$19.99
Pink - 30mg (SKU: MS-P30 )$19.99
Rainbow Cookies - 30mg (SKU: MS-RC30 )$19.99
Rainbow Cookies - 50mg (SKU: MS-RC50 )$19.99
Strawberry Cream - 30mg (SKU: MS-SC30 )$19.99
Strawberry Cream - 50mg (SKU: MS-SC50 )$19.99
Watermelon Rush - 50mg (SKU: MS-WR50 )$19.99
Watermelon Rush ICE - 30mg (SKU: MS-WRI30 )$19.99
Watermelon Rush ICE - 50mg (SKU: MS-WRI50 )$19.99
WARNING: These products can expose you to nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to