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Naked100 E-Liquid | 60mL Freebase Bottles

Naked100 E-Liquid | 60mL Freebase Bottles
Naked100 E-Liquid | 60mL Freebase Bottles

THE KING OF VAPE presents the fruit line of Naked100 Premium E-Liquids: all of your favorite fruit medleys, candies, and juices in one delicious collection!



  • All Melon: Enjoy a delicious melon trinity, featuring cold green honeydew melon, firm cantaloupe, and sweet juicy watermelon! Indulge in fresh and crisp flavor and treat your clouds to delicious melon heaven!
  • American Patriot Tobacco: A bold tobacco flavor, the flavor favorite of rugged American patriots of history passed! Wave your star spangled banner high as you send off your clouds in a 21 gun salute of flavor!
  • Azul Berries: Stuff your face with wild blueberries covered in freshly whipped cream! Lose yourself in a sweet berry dream of creamy fruity clouds!
  • Banana (Go Nanas): Bananas formerly known as Go Nanas by Naked 100 Cream is a spin on a classic fruit and cream flavor profile, delivering slices of fresh bananas in a fluffy pool of cream for a smooth and sumptuous fruity custard unlike an other.
  • Cuban Blend Tobacco: Cuban Blend by Naked 100 Tobacco is part of the highly anticipated tobacco series, presenting a top-shelf, Cuban-grade cigar scent for a bold tobacco experience.
  • Euro Gold Tobacco: Euro Gold by Naked 100 Tobacco is part of the highly anticipated tobacco series, providing a gold-standard in tobacco flavors with a smooth sensation of a lit cigarette's tobacco.
  • Hawaiian POG: Hawaiian POG by Naked 100 is an exquisite composition, formulated with aromatic passion fruit, juicy orange squeeze, and exotic guava.
  • Lava Flow: Lava Flow by Naked 100 is a distinct amalgamation of rich strawberry infused with a refreshing swirl of coconut and pineapple inside one exuberant flavor profile.
  • Lemon (Green Lemon): Formerly known as Green Lemon by Naked 100 Candy (also known as Sour Sweets - Naked 100 Candy) presents a truly stimulating base of refreshing lime infused in soft candy, with a smooth inhale of sweet lime candy and a slight hint of sour on the exhale.
  • Mango (Amazing Mango):  Puff on the strong singular flavor of freshly plucked Trinidadian mangoes! Indulge in fresh and juicy flavor and treat your clouds to a delicious mango island getaway!
  • Maui Sun: Take your clouds on an island getaway, basking in the warm Maui sun and puffing on a delicious blend of tart pineapple, firm plump orange, and cute mandarins!
  • Melon Kiwi (Green Blast): Formerly known as Green Blast by Naked 100 is a trio of refreshing flavors, a culmination of tarty crisp Granny Smith apple, thirst-quenching honeydew, and a rich undertones of zesty kiwi
  • Peach (Peachy Peach): Sweet as a Georgia peach this juice blends sweet peach, apricot, and nectarine into a nice summer dream!
  • Pineapple Berry (Berry Lush): formerly known as Berry Lush - Feast on a lush blend of tart pineapples and summer strawberries covered in freshly whipped cream! Take your clouds to infinity and beyond with this delicious fruit cream dream!
  • Really Berry: Tart blackberries and plump blueberries get drizzled with a sugared lemon glaze, making this a lightly tart and very sweet berry cloud dream!
  • Straw Lime (Berry Belts): Straw Lime Ejuice by Naked100 Fusion (formerly Berry Belts by Naked 100 Candy) enhances the classic flavor of the sweet favorite Berry Belts, made up of chewy sweet strips of candy dipped in sour sugar, by adding citrus lime taking this already delicious flavor to another level! Lose yourself in a sweet cloud of citrus candy, with a sour sugar zinger to finish it all off!
  • Strawberry (Naked Unicorn): Formerly known as Naked Unicorn: Strawberry is a fresh slice of summer strawberry simply sparkle in a glass bowl, topped with delicate freshly whipped cream and ready to be popped into your vape tank for sweet and creamy clouds!
  • Strawberry (Triple Strawberry): Strawberry formerly known as Triple Strawberry  by Naked100 is made up of sweet squares of strawberry bubblegum present a chewy-rific cloud of flavor that washes over your vape taste buds and offers sweet release into the Candyland of the heavens!


Strength (mg)0mg / 3mg / 6mg / 12mg
Milliliter (mL)60mL
VG / PG (%)70 / 30

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Naked100 Flavors - 60mLPrice
American Patriot Tobacco - 0mg (SKU: NKD-APT0 )$17.99
American Patriot Tobacco - 6mg (SKU: NKD-APT6 )$17.99
Azul Berries - 6mg (SKU: NKD-AB6 )$17.99
Cuban Blend Tobacco - 0mg (SKU: NKD-CBT0 )$17.99
Cuban Blend Tobacco - 3mg (SKU: NKD-CBT3 )$17.99
Cuban Blend Tobacco - 12mg (SKU: NKD-CBT12 )$17.99
Euro Gold Tobacco - 0mg (SKU: NKD-EGT0 )$17.99
Euro Gold Tobacco - 6mg (SKU: NKD-EGT6 )$17.99
Hawaiian POG - 6mg (SKU: NKD-HP6 )$17.99
Hawaiian POG - 12mg (SKU: NKD-HP12 )$17.99
Lava Flow - 0mg (SKU: NKD-LF0 )$17.99
Lava Flow - 6mg (SKU: NKD-LF6 )$17.99
Lava Flow - 12mg (SKU: NKD-LF12 )$17.99
Really Berry - 0mg (SKU: NKD-RB0 )$17.99
Really Berry - 3mg (SKU: NKD-RB3 )$17.99
Really Berry - 6mg (SKU: NKD-RB6 )$17.99
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