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Shijin Vapor - Premium Handcrafted eJuice 100mL

Shijin Vapor - Premium Handcrafted eJuice 100mL
Shijin Vapor - Premium Handcrafted eJuice 100mL

Shijin Vapor's Premium Handcrafted eJuice has joined THE KING OF VAPE shelves. TASTE THE BEAST!

Fruit Series:

  • Tortoise Blood - Blue Raspberry and Green Apple with a sweet sherbet after tone.
  • Phoenix tears - Freshly baked sugar cookies filled with vanilla custard and topped with a strawberry cream.
  • Tiger's Milk - Peach mango slushy.
  • Dragon Cloud - Freshly baked cinnamon rolls with icing topped with creamy vanilla ice cream.
  • Tortoise on the Rocks - Our classic flavor of Blue Raspberry and Green Apple blended with Spearmint Bubble Gum.

Cereal Series

  • Banana Nut O's - Bananas walnut cereal mix.
  • Berry O's - Mixed berry frosted cereal.
  • Frosted O's - Frosted powdered cereal.


•Ratio: 85%/15% VG/PG
•Available Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg & 6mg
•Available Bottle Size: 100ml Chubby Gorilla bottle 
•All Eliquids/Ejuices are manufactured by Shijin Vapor

Strength (mg)0mg / 3mg / 6mg
Milliliter (mL)100mL
VG / PG (%)85 / 15

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Shijin Vapor Flavors - 100mLPrice
Dragon Cloud - 0mg (SKU: SVFB-DC0 )$24.99
Dragon Cloud - 3mg (SKU: SVFB-DC3 )$24.99
Dragon Cloud - 6mg (SKU: SVFB-DC6 )$24.99
Phoenix Tears - 0mg (SKU: SVFB-PT0 )$24.99
Phoenix Tears - 3mg (SKU: SVFB-PT3 )$24.99
Phoenix Tears - 6mg (SKU: SVFB-PT6 )$24.99
Tiger's Milk - 0mg (SKU: SVFB-TM0 )$24.99
Tiger's Milk - 3mg (SKU: SVFB-TM3 )$24.99
Tiger's Milk - 6mg (SKU: SVFB-TM6 )$24.99
Tortoise Blood - 0mg (SKU: SVFB-TB0 )$24.99
Tortoise Blood - 3mg (SKU: SVFB-TB3 )$24.99
Tortoise Blood - 6mg (SKU: SVFB-TB6 )$24.99
Tortoise on Ice - 0mg (SKU: SVFB-TI0 )$24.99
Tortoise on the Rocks - 0mg (SKU: SVFB-TR0 )$24.99
Tortoise on the Rocks - 3mg (SKU: SVFB-TR3 )$24.99
Tortoise on the Rocks - 6mg (SKU: SVFB-TR6 )$24.99
Banana Nut O's - 0mg (SKU: SVFB-BNO-0 )$24.99
Banana Nut O's - 3mg (SKU: SVFB-BNO-3 )$24.99
Banana Nut O's - 6mg (SKU: SVFB-BNO-6 )$24.99
Berry O's - 0mg (SKU: SVFB-BO-0 )$24.99
Berry O's - 3mg (SKU: SVFB-BO-3 )$24.99
Berry O's - 6mg (SKU: SVFB-BO-6 )$24.99
Frosted O's - 0mg (SKU: SVFB-FO-0 )$24.99
Frosted O's - 3mg (SKU: SVFB-FO-3 )$24.99
Frosted O's - 6mg (SKU: SVFB-FO-6 )$24.99
WARNING: These products can expose you to nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to