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Jazzy Boba

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Boba milk is known as a very relaxing jasmine tea, so the folks at Jazzy Boba decided to give you the same creamy tea experience in an ejuice. Slightly sweet and rich but powerful on the herbal notes, Jazzy Boba takes the experience out of the cup and puts in your device for vaping of choice.

Mango Boba: a milk tea with sweet and soft mango.

Dewwy Boba: an enticing milk tea blend with honey dew undertones. The same thing you love about Jazzy, minus the jasmine, add the honey dew!

Jazzy Boba: It tastes like the amazing milk tea that we have grown to love throughout the years. It is light, not too sweet, and simply great.

Thai Boba: uses a special combination of Thai tea leave extracts added into a tapioca pearls, honey, sugar, and milkbase to create a very sweet and creamy vape experience.

VG/PG: 70/30

Weight .75 lbs

Mango Boba, Jazzy Boba, Dewwy Boba


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